The Similarities And Differences Of A Big Or Big University

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Do you think the size of a university matters when a person is picking a college to attend? Do you think it is easier to attend a small or big university? Big and small universities have many differences. The main differences that I will talk about are class size, advisors, and Social life and environment. I believe it is easier to succeed at a small university than a large university. Big universities have such a larger body of students than small universities so class sizes are bigger. You cannot just learn from the book. You have to have some sort of hands on activity in order to learn things for your major also. With class sizes being so large, hands on opportunities are not available because the expenses for all of the students. It would …show more content…
They may have teaching assistants to help grade papers and help the professor stay organized but the professors always lecture and teach the classes. Because the professor teaches the classes you have an opportunity to know your professor. Since the class sizes are so small, you are able to get one on one help, ask questions, and have discussions in class. Professors at small colleges are more available to get in contact with through office hours when you need help rather than at a large university when the professor is very busy with all of the other students. I feel that the class sizes and professors at small universities help students succeed more than they would at a large …show more content…
The number of students is less intimidating. There are no groups of friends already made. Everyone in a small college is always looking to make new friends. The campus has events for commuting students to meet other students. The campus has Greek life and activities in the main area. There are groups and clubs to join and because the student body isn’t large, it is not intimidating to join. Smaller colleges usually enjoy intermural sports more than a big college would. Big colleges are about actual sports and division one sports when small colleges just want their students to enjoy their time on campus and meet new people.
The campus for a small college is obviously small. It is more held together tightly and hard to get lost on campus. The R.A.s know everyone in the building. You get used to seeing the same faces in your dorm and even on campus. Because the campus is so small, it feels like home and after you start to recognize everyone, it feels like home even more. Unlike at a big college where you see new faces every day and never become

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