The Shootings Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Statistics show that cops killed twice as many white people as they did black people in 2015. There has been so much chaos going on about the “Black Lives Matter” movement and it is undoubtedly starting to get out of hand. I, myself, do not agree with any of the uproar due to the fact that we have soldiers dying for our citizens to have equal rights and there are multiple black people kneeling during the National Anthem, random cops getting shot, and rather than uniting America, it is only further dividing the races within our country in many ways.
First off, we have many young adults enlisting in the army and others with family members putting their lives on the line. We also come by African Americans who take a knee during sporting events while the National Anthem is played to protest against “racism” in our country. All
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America should be more focused on the idea that everyone is trying to execute their job as best they can. Many people are so distracted by the shootings of minorities that they refuse to see that most suspects that get shot may have provoked the acting officer in some way. The upholders of our criminal justice system are courageous and do not intentionally shoot random African Americans just to do it. There is a reason behind most every shooting that has occurred, and the ones that are unjust get tried at court, as they should. If more people would cooperate with cops rather than act up, many of the shootings would not have occurred and “Black Lives Matter” would not be an issue. Low level beliefs and morals from people in today’s society are hurting our country and causing many problems. Social media has been flooded with the idea that all white people are racist causing much controversy and even violence. “Black Lives Matter” must come to an end and America must reunite in order to maintain the status of the “Greatest Country in the

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