The Shipping And Receiving Case With Midge Watson, Susan Adams And Mike Polski

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Case Study 8, is the Shipping and Receiving Case with Midge Watson, Susan Adams and Mike Polski. I believe that there was sexual harassment in the incident with Midge and Susan. Midge was clearly not interested in going out with Susan dancing. She mentioned that she has a boyfriend and that should have told Susan she would not be interested. Midge changed the subject and left trying to indicate no interest in making plans.
By Susan hugging Midge without any mutual response and then stroking her back and patting her on her rear, this was completely inappropriate. According to Clardy (2012) “Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors or any conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile, intimidating,
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People have an area around them called personal space that you do not want to intrude on. Susan clearly did not care about Midges personal space.
With Midge telling her supervisor about the first incident with Susan, this places the responsibility and liability on the company. The second reason the company is liable is because Susan works for the company.
Midge was clearly distraught when she returned to work after Susan asked her about going dancing with her. Susan made it clear that she only was interested in going out with Midge and not having Midge’s boyfriend come along. Her supervisor, Mike Polski even came over to her to see what was wrong.
I agree with the case study that Mike should have contacted Personnel after the first incident. I believe he should have said to Midge that he would look into the situation and have Midge write something out pertaining to what had happened to be put in a file. He then should have contacted the right human resources people to discuss with Susan, what her motives were in her discussion and sitting so close to Midge on the
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It seems that maybe Don had one idea, and liked to answer the phone, while Karen felt that she was not able to, and Brad assumed that they were working well together. As time went on, Karen was obviously getting more upset as time went on.
I agree with the answer in the case study. Brad does have to decide how he is going to address Karen’s concerns. Bran feels that he treated both the same with training and spent equal time with both.
I believe that if Karen really feels that she was discriminated against than she may be able to have a case. She would need to have people to back up her claims and probably need all of the stats from the work that she did verses what Don did.
Therefore, I do agree with the answer in the case study. I think it would be hard to prove though, unless she has witnesses that have seen Brad neglecting to help Karen or answer any questions she may have had.
Karen may have felt this way because she fresh out of college and this may be her first job. Being that Don had previous experience, he may have fell into his routine that he was used to by always answering the phone. We do not know what experience Karen had prior and this office experience may be new to her. Karen may not have had a routine like Don and the others did, so she naturally may have felt left

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