Tevin Thompson Trial

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1. Tevin Thompson testified in a Jacksonville, Fla., courtroom about the incident that occurred over Thanksgiving in 2012. Four friends were driving around town in a Dodge Durango when they stopped for gum and cigarettes at a local convenience store. Michael Dunn and his girlfriend pulled up in a Volkswagen and parked beside an SUV. Dunn is a 47-year-old white male who asked the black teenagers inside the SUV to turn down the loud music. Thompson, 19, said he turned down the volume but his fellow passenger Jordan Davis, 17, asked him to turn the music back up. Davis and Dunn began arguing and Thompson said he heard Davis cursing but didn't hear him make any threats. Tommie Stornes, the driver of the SUV, returned to the vehicle from the convenience …show more content…
The defense argues that Dunn fired when he saw a weapon in the vehicle, but the prosecution notes that no weapon was ever found. The defence also states that the teenagers left the gas station and returned shortly after before calling the police. This would have given them time to hide or get rid of any weapons in their vehicle. However, Thompson states that they left and returned back to the gas station but did not mention disposing weapons. After the shooting, Dunn and his girlfriend drove 40 miles south to St. Augustine, where they had reservations at a bed and breakfast. When they were at the bed and breakfast, Guy the prosecutor claimed that Dunn ordered pizza and a movie, took his dog for a walk and made himself a drink. Guy argues that they had their cellphones, but they didn't call 911 or go to the police station. It is assumed that the defendant did not care about the crime committed or the pain he caused towards the victim’s family and friends. Dunn acted as if the incident never happened. The next morning, Dunn’s girlfriend saw a news report about a shooting at a Jacksonville gas station where a 17-year-old had been killed. Dunn was then detained, Guy

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