The Senses Of The Human Body Essay

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The five senses of the human body are smell, taste, touch, hearing and vision. All five senses are crucial to our daily living. Without these senses, people will lose touch with themselves and the body there in. Our senses are activated by stimuli from events and things. The information is sent to the brain to interpret and the brain applies it to the appropriate actions. The smell sense is part of the chemosensory systems. The Chemosensory system is also known as the chemical sense. The chemosensory system composes of the smell and taste sense. The Chemosensory system is defined as a sensory cell or organ responsive to chemical stimuli. (Collins Dictionary of Medicine. (2004, 2005) The smell sense operate when the individuals’ inhales chemicals from that object into their body. The chemical or molecule of the object is floats through the air into the nose. We use the smell sense every time we are cooking, cleaning, showering, memories and etc. Everybody uses smell for eating. We generate our like for food by first smelling it. If our smell sense does not accept it, then our taste sense will reject it. On the TV Show Fear Factor, I’ve seen people hold their nose so that they can eat the disgusting object. The smell sense sends the information to the brain. The brain recognizes the smell and labels it according to what it is. For example, a certain smell can bring memories from childhood or other personal experiences. The taste sense is also part of the chemosensory…

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