The Self Assessment : The Six Self Assessments Essay

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The six self assessments I took helped me to look at aspects of myself I haven’t considered and reflect upon who I am in a different way. After taking these assessments, there are quite a few things that I agree with. However, I was surprised by some of the findings and have identified a few things that I would like to work on about myself. I feel that identifying these areas of strength and weakness will help me to grow as a leader and person. As I evaluated my value systems, I found it difficult to rank the options as I felt all of them were very important. As I forced myself to make decisions, however, I found that I value honesty, integrity, justice, and fairness the most. I feel this is true for both my professional and personal life. Of the ones I included on my list, I ranked humility and individual dignity as least important. I also discovered that I have a high emotional intelligence. I was surprised that I was able to answer true for almost all of the questions. What stood out from this assessment, however, is that I do not maintain a positive attitude when faced with difficulty or a setback. As I read the article on resiliency, I realized that my lack of positivity may be why I find myself lacking resiliency in some areas. Looking for the “silver lining” in a situation rather than focusing on the negative is a goal that I have now set for myself (Scholl, 2011). It was no surprise to me that the Type A assessment revealed that I have a Type A personality. I…

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