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Leadership Philosophy
As a leader I think is very important for me to address my team and share with them a little bit about myself and what I will expect out of them. First I plan to talk about my personal values then I plan to talk about how I will work as a leader. After that, I plan to talk about what I expect out of my new team. Followed by what behavioral any non-negotiables things that I don’t want to see in the workplace. The finally, I will talk about our group 's priorities.
Just like anyone else I have my own set of values that I like to follow in everything I do. The most important values to me are loyalty, independence, advancement and promotion, and ethical practice. All of these values will show in my work. I am very loyal to
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I will not except tardiness this is a professional workplace and you will all be expected to show up on time. I also expect that you all dress appropriately for the workplace. The most important expectation I have is for you to get you work done in a timely manner and that you fulfill your reasonability’s to the fullest. Priorities are extremely important in the workplace and I think it is very important for me to tell you what I expect out of all of you. No matter what our main priority will always be to accomplish the goals of the company. In order to do this, we will all need to work together as a unit. Another priority I have is for everyone to do their best to get along. We need to try and put any and all personal issues aside while in the workplace in order to do this. To recap I talked briefly about my personal values, how I will work, my expectations, non-negotiables, and our group priorities. Now that I have shared this information I hope that my new team is up to speed and ready to get to …show more content…
It also helps students prepare for when they are in a position of leadership and have a team in which they need to talk about these things in the workplace. Talking about the questions above also will help in creating a positive work environment in the workplace. It will also help you develop a relationship with your co-workers.

Student Honor Code
There is a connection between the student honor code and the leadership and philosophy assignment when it comes to talking about encouraging participation from all members of our community and showing respect for others. In this assignment, you are trying to get your teammates to work together and respect each other. You also have to make it clear that you expect all workers to do their share.
Personal Code of Ethics
As your new team leader, my personal code of ethics is one that involves loyalty, independence, advancement and promotion, and ethical practice. I will use this personal code of ethics when leading this team to fulfill our company’s

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