When I Continue My Education To Me Analysis

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Ever since I was little I always loved to learn, so continuing my education and taking more classes wasn’t even a challenging decision for me. Education to me has had such an impact on me, it has helped me get to very place I am today. The word education usually has a direct connection to school but that isn’t always the case, to me education can come from anywhere, parents, books, church, real life examples from others etc. Taking all that into consideration, I like using the knowledge I gain and applying it to task whether it projects or life experiences. Places around the world don’t have the opportunities to get to the level of education we have in our country, so we are very privileged to have this chance to get this knowledge so why …show more content…
I value being able to achieve my goals and obstacle thrown at me, at times task can get difficult but once I can see the results of all my effort it brings me joy. Having a good support system as well is important to me, everything isn’t always going to go perfect so having people to help you stay strong is always a gem. Relating to the value of support, relationships come next. Relationships to me are important especially when its mixed with morals, I want friendly, truthful, supportive, loyal relationships and if it’s not based or in practice of those attributes I usually don’t want a relationship with you at all. In school and work environments the working conditions is another value of mine, I want to work in a place I feel safe, and useful, accomplishing many task in one day. Completing assignments is not only a perk, but having recognition for your hard work and dedication is important. As an independent person I value independence in my future career, so I can have the freedom of working alone at times and being more creative. These values all help me to get support and keep on tract being focused to reach all the goals of mine. The relationship value and support helps with the goal of having a happy family life while achievement and being independent help me reach all my goals especially with my …show more content…
In all that I do I’m very disciplined, like I stated before I like to have things structured, and always want to be working on something and getting it done. Having that work load is a source of responsibility, and that is something I don’t take lightly, when I say yes to doing a task I try my hardest to accomplish it. Working hard at task relates to focus, I am usually very self-driven and concentrating at the end result to help be determined to achieve the task. I have very strong beliefs that has been instilled in me, I try to do things right according to my mom, mine and God’s terms and that at times can be a difficulty. Staying to my beliefs helps me keep a simple happy life, and keeps my relationships strong. Throughout my hard work the results give me pleasure but the feelings of significance makes me even happier, I like to be recognized for what I have done and put effort into. This helps me with my goal of getting an A.A degree as well as a bachelor degree, because at the end, the graduation and diploma are symbols that others have seen your handwork.
In conclusion, I’m a hard worker and want recognition for all the endless hours I put into a task. I stick to my moral standards, out of respect for myself and peace. I view my values, strengths, and interest as important because it helps me to know who I am and why I am a certain way. Education

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