The Security Plan Is Developed By Conducting A Risk Assessment Of The Facility

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The security plan was developed by conducting a risk assessment of the facility. During the new risk assessment it was found that the chain link fence was in disrepair. There would be recommendation to repair all failures in the fence line to increase physical security. Barbwire would also be added to the top of the fence to prevent people from potentially climbing the fence. The surrounding buildings will also be examined to determine if access can be granted from above. During the risk assessment it was found that access to the parking lot was not controlled by a guard at the gate. This can allow for unwanted people to park in the lot. The company has now placed signs throughout both parking lots informing employees to keep all vehicles locked and that they are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are locked. Adequate lighting will be provided throughout the parking lots to not only deter activity but allow for better images on the CCTV. The whole site perimeter will be evaluated to determine if there are enough natural barriers present and if shrubbery is taken care of to eliminate hiding places. The next thing to do is to determine intrusion detection systems which seem to be only locks on the gates.
The building has well enough electrical to hook up cameras that can view both parking lots. The newly hired security guard can patrol the lot and CCTVs to ensure employees or others are not committing theft. While the facility is in a high crime rate area, the…

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