Essay about The Secret Life Of Driven Kids By Alexandra Robbins

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As the juniors get ready to take the dreadful SAT and the seniors fall into a dark hole of where to apply to college, one question comes into mind: Am I “smart” enough to get accepted into a prestigious university? Nowadays, a syndrome of ‘overachievism’ fills the halls of High Schools as students overload their schedules with numerous rigorous classes and get hyperly involved in extracurricular activities. In the Overachievers: the secret life of driven kids by Alexandra Robbins, the overachieving Yale graduate goes back to her high school a decade later only to discover that the mindset of students is transforming into a obsession with grades and number of AP classes, not the joy of learning and early adulthood. Not to mention the stressful blend of parental pressure and academic reputation on top of the innate high achieving of the students. This novel explores the new ideals of competitive education and the misguided methods of learning “to the test” that are overstressing the life of teenagers.
Words like Ivy league, Stanford, Prestigious four-year universities ring in our ears nearly everyday. Students always murmur: “He is really smart; he is taking four AP classes”,or maybe “Heard the news lately? he scored a 2250 on the SAT”, or even “How many got a 5 on the AP physics exam?”. As college acceptance rates go down, more students are competing for those top spots in the most ‘elite’ universities such as the Ivy Leagues and the world renowned Stanford. Robbins asks…

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