The Secret Life Of Bees Literary Analysis

During this period of history, there was much segregation and racism followed by major attempts to integrate the country. In the late 1900s there was many attempts to integrate and equalize the country. This is not only the setting by which the novel The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd takes place but also one of the major reasons that the story came to be. The racism during this time period in the book is one of the major reasons that Lily breaks Rosleen out of jail. For my project I decided to bake cupcakes that represents the metaphorical “Perfect Life” that Lily Owens so desperately wants and tries to live in. The cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla marble with a variety of different candies in the center (i.e. Sprinkles and M&Ms). …show more content…
Lily has tried so hard to control her world and keep the truth so secretive, she began to develop this imaginary wall that held all of the secrets of her life. When she lets out all of this hidden emotion that she has been trying to ignore, the wall breaks. Towards the end of the novel Lily then learns that she cannot have the perfect life that she wants, but she must deal with the life she has been given. The literary element incorporated in the cupcakes is theme, and the theme used was that people must live with the cards or life they were dealt. This is portrayed in the cupcakes because Lily does not like the life she was given and all the tragedies that have happened, she doesn’t want to live in her life so she makes up a new one when she moved in with the Boatwrights. She learns throughout the novel that she must deal with the life she has been given. She realizes this when August goes to comfort Lily about the truth of her mom and her leaving. August tries to explain why her mom would leave without her but Lily was being stubborn and unwilling to listen. August then gives her advice “There is nothing perfect’ August said from the

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