Queen Bees: A Literary Analysis

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Earlier it was described that the queen bees did the bare minimum to get through class and were not interested in reading. However, during an interview with Tiffany, Finders was able to get her to open up about a book the class was reading. Tiffany could recount every detail of the book and connected the book to other texts she had read. Just as the tough cookies denied being influenced, later on in an interview one of the cookies, Cleo, does admit that a subject of a story she wrote was based on the description of a teacher her mother had in school. The identities of these students is so important to them that they actively deny any influences that discredit their values or alter their perspectives.
This strong sense of identity also carried over to the girls’ literary underlife. According to Finder literary underlife “created opportunities to disrupt the official, to document a refusal to embrace the obligations of the institution” (56). For the queen bees
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Which is something that was seen in both the queen bees as well as the tough cookies. The real differences between these two group and their literary practices both in and out of school seem to lay in their identities which stem from their home lives. For the queen bees in entering junior high their parents supported the girls’ decisions to be social and viewed the changes in their behavior as normal. While for the tough cookies their parents placed emphasis on being successful in school as well as learning to be independent. From the emphasis being on socialization the practices and behavior reflect this, for the queen bee’s everything is about peer approval and maintaining their status. While emphasis on independence reflects on the tough cookie’s practices and behavior. One has to come up with and do everything on their

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