The Secret Life of Bees

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  • Discrimination In The Secret Life Of Bees

    ”I look to a day when people will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King Jr. (Reference). In the novel, The Secret Life of Bees written by Sue Monk Kidd, the protagonist of the story, Lily Owens narrates the novel in the first-person, describing events she experiences from her unique perspective and retelling the stories told by others in the same sort of manner. Throughout this novel, Lily witnesses a lot of violence, in the forms of Racism, Physical Abuse, and Emotional Harm towards other people in the novel, as well as herself. Firstly, when Lily and Rosaleen walk through the small town of Sylvan, Rosaleen gets an irrational amount of racist remarks from the towns three racist…

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  • The Secret Life Of Bees Theme

    The Secret Life of Bees is a well-acclaimed bildungsroman and historic novel written by Sue Monk Kidd about the protagonist Lily Melissa Owens, and her growing personal independence, her expanding knowledge of the world, her revelation about the family in the past, and her spiritual journey. The entire novel was written in first-person angle about Lily’s experiences and thoughts, focusing largely on the spiritual aspect; nonetheless, Sue Monk Kidd did also elaborate her thoughts about the issue…

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  • Secret Life Of Bees Themes

    The Secret Life of Bees is set in a time zone. It’s set in 1924 in South Carolina. A lot of things happened in 1924, one of them is the Racial Integrity Act. No one likes black people in this book. I will prove it to you: So Rosaleen is Lily’s maid, she is black. Rosaleen was in jail because she spit at a group of white people while trying to get in to vote. On the way to jail, there was a green pickup that was following them and every time that they got close to the police car, they’d honk the…

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  • Themes In The Secret Life Of Bees

    How Many Themes Does The Author Use? Many! In the novel, The Secret Life of Bees, Written by Sue Monk Kidd, the author tries to thoroughly convey many themes towards the readers of the book. In this book, the author Sue Monk Kidd goes in depth on the irrationality of racism, and how many people think that people of colour are vicious, or just useless human beings without a purpose, without actually giving any thought about it, and just saying whatever pops into their heads. The author goes into…

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  • Secret Life Of Bees Literary Analysis

    In the book “Secret life of bees” an emotional historical fiction book written by Sue Kidd, Lily wants her mother more than anything in the world, But her mother is gone, so Lilly is trying to find information about her mother and where she went and Lily try's to find a new family. Throughout “Secret life of Bees”, Lilly is struggling to get over her mother’s death, but 3 african american women show Lilly that family can be found when least expected and love can be found in strange and wondrous…

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  • The Secret Life Of Bees Analysis

    Sue Monk Kidd's first novel The Secret Life of Bees belongs to the bildungsroman genre of literature that portrays the journey of its young protagonist, Lily Owens to selfhood in the company of her black caregiver Rosaleen. Kidd through her narrative piece, reveals the power of black women, not only Rosaleen but also a group of beekeeping sisters and a Black Mary to construct a safe haven where Lily can survive amidst her crumbled life, eventually developing psychologically into a self…

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  • Symbolism In The Secret Life Of Bees

    Sue Monk Kidd adopts many themes and uses many symbols throughout the book "The Secret Life of Bees." The book takes place in the 1960 's. During this time, the fight for Civil Rights was taking place, so racism played a role in the book. The main themes that developed were female power, prejudice, and forgiveness. The main symbols used were the bees, the black Mary, and the whale pin along with the photograph. During this time period, women did not have a say in much at all. Female power was…

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  • The Secret Life Of Bees Summary

    woman in a racist world, this is the life of Lily, the protagonist, in the novel The Secret Life Of Bees written by Sue Monk Kidd. The story begins with Lily at the age of fourteen experiencing more than most typical fourteen year olds. Lily lives in Sylvan, South Carolina in the same house where she accidently shot her mom when she was four years old. Lily’s memory of the day of the shooting is very foggy but throughout the story continues to haunt her. Her father, T. Ray tells Lily that her…

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  • Forgiveness In The Secret Life Of Bees

    Universals Although the human race has numerous unique cultural opinions, all parents have an ideal role and pressure that their society places on them. For most children, their father is a significant impact on their life and character, and can influence them regardless of whether their relationship is negative, positive, or even neutral. Many people have at least one father figure in their lives who expresses affection and warmth whether it is by handing monetary gifts, upholding strict…

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  • Theme Of Identity In The Secret Life Of Bees

    The search for identity in The Secret Life of Bees Identity is defined as the “condition or character as to who a person or what a thing is; the qualities, beliefs, etc., that distinguish or identify a person or thing” ( Each person is born with the ability to eventually find their true identity. In a world of societal pressures, this process can be a difficult journey. Through the influence of others and experiences a person’s identity begins to unfold. The identity is a…

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