The Second Day Analysis Is Not As Good As The First Three Day

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The second three-day analysis was not as good as the first three-day analysis. The second analysis I consumed more calories. The first time I consumed an average of 2,053.62 and the second time I consumed, and average of 2,500.53 calories. My fat intake was also more than the first time. According to the analysis I consumed 129 more calories from fat. The first analysis I consumed 762.79 and the second analysis was 891.79. I also lost in protein the second analysis. The first analysis I averaged about 93.38 grams of protein; the second time I averaged about 72.85 grams. The first analysis I consumed more water than the second analysis. The first time I consumed 1594.75 grams of water, and the second time I consumed about 1429.36 grams of water. I was over the recommended amount in the second dietary analysis. My MyPlate remained the same from analysis one. The MyPlate option was a handy tool during this process. I met most of the requirements and was under in some of the recommendations; such as fruit intake and dairy intake. I was over in grain, protein and vegetables.

My recommended calorie intake increased in analysis 2 because I had to eat fast-food more due to a crazy work and school schedule. I Found when I am in a rush I grab the first available food option. I then noticed that, when I go to grab a bite to eat I always get the same thing, chicken or a burger. Its not the healthiest option on the menu. I also noticed that I am always worn out so I choose to drink…

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