The Sea Of Sea And Sea Essay

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Long ago in the deep, blue oceans and the boundless seas near Greece, peace did not exist in the waters. Two siblings, Lavendria and Poseidon, were enemies who did not love one another, like brother and sister should. The two fought like cats and dogs, constantly nagging at one another. The urge to start a fight was uncontainable, similar to brawls between the two common house pets. Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes, specifically ruled over the Mediterranean Sea. He lived there on a daily basis and protected all sea animals. His younger sister, Lavendria, was also an immortal goddess, who ruled the Atlantic Ocean, which happened to be the ocean that the Mediterranean flowed into. Lavendria was the goddess of tsunamis, and she looked over the multitude of ocean creatures living in the Atlantic. Although Lavendria resembled the looks of a tall, beautiful goddess and contained a kind soul, she sometimes would be selfish and controlling. She contained power over the waves, often causing bad storms when she got angry. She also lacked patience and tolerance for her brother Poseidon. The two did not get along, which resulted in tension between all sea and ocean animals. Lavendria instigated Poseidon quite often. Starting drama and causing tension happened to be a negative trait that Lavendria possessed. The powerful ocean goddess parented a gorgeous, 23 year old, mortal women, named Vendona.
Similar to Lavendria, Vendona had luscious, long, brown hair and dark blue eyes.…

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