The Scottsboro Of The Great Depression Essay examples

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"Racism isn 't born, folks. It 's taught..." (Denis Leary). During the Great Depression, African Americans were seen as the weaker and unwanted race. They were treated poorly and were not given the rights other races had. Blacks weren 't allowed certain jobs, homes, and common rights that a white man is given. White men always saw them as wanting to rape or go after white women. Racism is a common threat anywhere in the world still to this day. It causes many wars and fights; it is an idea that lowers the value of the African American race. The Scottsboro case was during the Great Depression; it is a supreme example of how blacks were treated. Throughout the case, whites and blacks did unite and fight for what was right. This case is a major point in history that united races to fight and win what was right. The Scottsboro tragedy impacted American History because it united races, made people aware of the severe racism in the South, and gave blacks the right to sit on juries.

In the time of the Great Depression, the perceived weaker race was the African Americans. But because of the Scottsboro case the motto, "Blacks and Whites, unite and fight!" rang through the nation. These two strong races joined together and fought for the nine boys ' lives and a victory for blacks everywhere. These nine Negro boys were some of the first blacks to be given trials and not be automatically lynched or killed. Emmett Till was a fourteen year an old boy who was murdered in the middle of…

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