The Scopes Of Practice Involved Essay

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The aim of this assignment is to explore the Scopes of Practice involved in nursing and the importance each has on effective practice. For the purpose of this paper, the nurse that was shadowed will be referred to as Angelina Jolie and all other nurses will have name changes to ensure confidentiality. This experience took place in the South Health Campus of Calgary in the Labour and Delivery unit, where an opportunity was given to learn about the roles of several nurses and discover what domains of practice they instil in their care. Despite each individual dealing with situations differently, Scopes of Practice have a direct effect on nursing care because fostering trusting relationships, using a collaborative approach and constantly educating is essential to any role. Domains of practice are in place to aid in the success of direct client care, in turn guiding health care professionals to demonstrate knowledgeable and competent skill sets. CARNA (2011) stated that the main goal of nurses is to provide a type of care for the patient that zeroes in on being direct and client-centred (p. 4). DiCenso, Guyatt & Ciliska (2014) found that in a clinical setting, the knowledge that a professional develops helps them to combine learned skills over the years to determine a person’s state of wellbeing, and how they prefer to go about treatment methods. They also found that a professional’s clinical skills would help them narrow down possible interventions, and aid them in developing…

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