The Science Of Science And Science Essay

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All these elements create a key purpose for the nature of science strand. The elements are put in place so that students learn to develop an understanding of what thinking and working like a scientist is all about. They then can apply this to their science learning.

The building science concept books are extremely useful when it comes to teaching science as a student teacher. “Teachers must choose activities that match students’ background knowledge and reasoning skills.”
The building science concept resources have helped me with my teaching practices within science. I used the building science concept book to help me create a lesson on Buoyancy, at first I had no knowledge whatsoever about this topic however the book was a great resource to lean back on when referring to your lesson plans and teaching. The books provide activities that suite the levels within science, they also have brief description on what the topic and how the topic relates to science. The most eye-catching thing about this book was the “Big Questions”. These are to help develop my knowledge as a teacher; it helps me choose the appropriate concepts and sets a clear picture on what I should be teaching.

The book provides a concept overview this provides the ideas that underpin the product in the book which leads us to have a full understanding of the big idea. In that case my big idea understood buoyancy.
The science concepts show myself as a teacher where to go next and what to teach.

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