Essay on The School Of Middle School

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Duncan Middle School Duncan, Oklahoma. My middle school may obtain the title of most elegant middle school in town. From the looks of the school, Duncan middle has a substantial amount of money within their budget; they spend their money well and it surely shows. We have two separate sections within the cafeteria. One section is the food being served by the school for lunch that day. The second section is outside food you can purchase from the school for lunch; this was called the olicart. The olicart has moist mouth watering soft cookies, hot pepperoni and cheese pizza from dominos, salty salsa chips and hot nacho cheese; these are some of my favorite food items to buy. Duncan middle school is an incredibly strong spirited school. Trophies hang throughout the school that shows students accomplishments. The Duncan demons emblem on floors, walls, carpets, poster and clothes. The vibrant red white and black school colors flash past my eyes as I walk down the hallways. The lunch bell rings; I buy my lunch and have a seat with my friends. My friends are known as the Gothic social group. The gothic group at the time consisted of dark hair colors, black, red, purple. The gothic groups love teasing hair giving the hair great volume and partially covering your face. They love to wear gloomy and dark make up and clothes, and shopping at sinister stores, and lastly listening to obscure music. This was the social group I thought I belonged to for the time present; however, 7th grade…

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