The School Nutrition Laws That Today We Have Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

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It 's a new school year and you’re going to lunch.You enter the line, get your milk, and then go to get your food.You order pizza and when you get it, you realize the pizza looks different from last year. You then see the cooked green beans; you skip over that and go to check out. The lunch lady tells you that you have to take a fruit or vegetable so you take an apple. You then go sit with your friends at your table, and you bite into the pizza and realize it tastes horrible and immediately throw it out in the trash near you. Then, you try everything else and realize those too taste horrible; you then call your mom and ask her to bring you food from a local restaurant. In 2010 the USDA announced the school nutrition laws that today we have(Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act) . These laws made mostly all foods with bread changed to whole grain. They also required students to take a fruit and due to the changes most kids found the food dissatisfying. The point is new healthy school food laws are making kids not want to buy or eat the food served. This proves that school food laws increase waste, make kids not want fruit or vegetables, and cause prices to go up. Due to school food laws children will throw away more food in school cafeterias.…

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