The Scavenger Hunt Case Study

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The Scavenger Hunt was accomplished through personal knowledge of working closely within the county and resources from other county employees. Brown County offers four YMCA sites, one in the village of Howard and three in the city of Green Bay. The YMCA offers a variety of classes and events to include but not limited to dance, yoga, arts and crafts, sports, and swim lessons. They also offer use of exercise equipment, childcare, basketball courts, tennis courts, and gym access. Advertisement is found in brochures, the county website, and commercials, offering an income based program memberships for low income families. Access to the facilities is easy with bus stops in close proximity. Staff at these facilities are friendly, energetic, …show more content…
From 2006 to 2010 a total of 52 crash related deaths out of 93 were related to alcohol use (Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 2014). Reports from 2012 reveal 26% of Brown County adults drink excessively, which is higher than the state average and extremely higher than the national average of 8% (Aurora BayCare Medical Center, 2015). Since 2000, alcohol abuse and dependence has been higher than the national rankings. Binge drinking continues escalating with women of childbearing age at its highest. However, over the years there has been a decline in the number of underage drinking (Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 2014). Hospitals in the county have been working towards common goals to help reduce unhealthy alcohol use in the community. Misuse of alcohol has many repercussions including violence, injury, death, fetal harm and miscarriage. Risk factors include culture, community, relationships, individual health factors, depression, PTSD, effects of trauma. Substance abuse contributes to social, physical, mental and public health problems. Many people struggling with substance abuse doesn’t realize they have a problem or attaining treatment is unsuccessful (Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 2014). The US has seen a recent decline in high school student use of alcohol through binge drinking. The nation is working towards initiatives on prevention and treatment. Healthy people 2020 is focusing on environment and social factors to gain a better understanding for strategies on reduction and treatment. The government is taking steps focused on services for individuals to include prevention, coverage, and access (Healthy People 2020, 2015). Reduction of substance abuse among the use has been a focus for years with great outcomes. Brown County’s 2020 action plan is to implement an alcohol, depression and substance abuse screening tool

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