Persuasive Essay On Under Age Drinking

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Underage Drinking In the UNITED STATES

Because underaged drinking is so commond in the united states what ways can it Effect our kids in the next generations.And what ways are our government trying to crack down on the under aged drinking they’ll make the parents pay and the child has to do 60 hours of community service.In the last decade the population of under aged drinking has went down but its stilll at a high for the united states for our young adults.Before the age of correct age to drink 4,358 under aged drinkers die when under the influnce of alchol driving,swiming,and other things that hurts the human body while drinking.there should be a bigger punishment for teen drinkers and for the people who influnince it.

Underage drinking is a significant but often overlooked problem in the united states.more
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Underage drinking is one of the most under looked things but it has killed 3,214 teens in car crashes within the age range of 15 to 21.Underage drinking is a very big problem in the u.s with all the teens dieing for the things they do while being under the influence of alcohol in more than most the unthinkable things they do while being under the influence like driving and drinking that’s most likely the dangerous thing they can do.

If we don’t stop all this it can in it will affect our future generations.Just look at how our past generations turned out to be in how many of them drink in what things have they done that will be good for our next generation.More than 430,000 teens has died to this in we need to change this.Each generation is kinda on the same roll with this solution there has been change but not as much as we need to crack down it.That’ very bad the government needs to change this fast before more of our generations keep this up in pass it

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