The Sandhill Cranes Of Nebraskallins Analysis

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Life is short, so live it before it 's too late. Even though this saying is cliche to an extent it is the truth. I support this statement one-hundred percent. Personally, I have seen individuals live timid and unhappy. I could never understand the reason for this. Recently there was a poem I read that showed me that life is more than the obvious. The small things that are intangible are more important than the things that show. “The Sandhill Cranes Of Nebraska”. Gave me insight to someone 's perspective of their life. While giving me a direct correlation to what the character experienced. Billy Collins is an American phenomenon. Collins combined high critical acclaim with such broad mass appeal. His work has been published and noticed all over the nation. He is the Mastermind behind “The Sandhill Cranes Of Nebraska”. In the text, Collins talks about an individual that works hard and seems to enjoy their job. It actually seems work might be the only aspect of their life. The character is just living to work and, not living to live their actual life. The main character is constantly moving from state to state because the job requires them to. Every so often the …show more content…
Unfortunately, this put a stress on my personal life. My girlfriend at the time wasn 't too happy about me working 7 days a week. On 12 hour shifts or sometimes more. This forced a serious breakup, it was sad and tragic at the time but I had to keep going. Everything in life was hitting me all at once. About a week later I missed my Mother 's birthday because I worked an extra shift at work. My family really wanted me to go but I told them no I want to make money. This made them upset and gave them the perception of money is more important than family. As easy as I could have talked to my manager to arrange that date off I didn 't. I was blinded and not caring about the ones who truly care about me. That Summer I practically missed

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