Essay about The Safety Of The Columbia Accident Case

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Public Administrators are often placed in a situation that requires them to practice discretion. By discretion, I am referring to the ability to decide and make important decisions, when instructions are not clear or given; on what is right and wrong in a particular situation. This goes back to Finer and Friedrich on how they believe public professionals should handle situations. Finer suggested that they should strictly follow the guidelines of the legislature. While Friedrich stated that they should be able to make these important decisions, for what they believe the public need, based on the education and experiences that they accumulated (Morgan, 423). I noticed that the Friedrich approach should have taken place in the Columbia accident case. In this case, there was an announcement sent out to NASA in regards to the tragedy that could strike if the Orbiter wasn’t fixed. Due to negligence and the lack of consideration that there was, the safety of the crew was jeopardized. I believed that the administrators should’ve taken matters into their own hands when they realized that nothing was being done in other to protect these people. Along with discretion, administrators have responsibilities and often accountable for the part that they play as public professionals in regards to their implementation of policies. In this case study, I will focus on two out of the three types of bureaucratic accountability. These Bureaucratic accountabilities are Political Accountability and…

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