The Critical Role Of Street-Level Bureaucracy By Michael Lipsky

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The Street-Level Bureaucracy: The Critical Role of Street-Level Bureaucrats by Michael Lipsky was written to explain the importance of the role of public service workers when delivering government services to the public. The involvement of public administration in difficulties that are currently affecting the undeserved and have made the government to take responsibilities on public safety, health and security. Lipsky believed that government workers play a significant role in our society by making discretionary judgements that evaluate the welfare of individuals. The conflict that street-level bureaucrats possess is on the state influence and control public services. The constant demands that bureaucrats make are important decisions that will …show more content…
How does the reading define public administration?
The reading does not defines public administration instead it focuses on evaluating the functions and conflicts that street-level bureaucrats encounter when delivering government services to the community. Public employees are in charge of evaluating critical decisions that create controversy over the nature of service delivery. Lipsky described “…service delivery through street-level bureaucrats helps explain why street-level bureaucracies are apparently the primary focus of community conflict in the current period, and why they are likely to remain the focus of such conflict in the foreseeable future” (p. 406).
What is the role of public administrators in this reading inferred or directly described?
The role of public administrator is to enforce public policy through the daily discretionary decisions over the sanctions, services and benefits through the evaluating of the circumstances of the individual. They are in charge of evaluating the system of government through the knowledge of laws, rules, regulations and procedures to ensure that citizens are being provide with the adequate services. Lispsky asserts that government workers have being placed in a critical position in society which their work is makes almost impossible to

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