Essay on The Safety Locks, Locks On Door, And Alarms

777 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
The past me and the present me have seen changes while I were growing up. Many things may have change to make it more safe for people, but while it may make it safer many new harms and risks are also happening at the same time. Like for examples, now there are seatbelt and air bag in every car making it safer for people. But, there are more drink driving than there are compare to like in the past and car crashes because of text driving. Another thing is that now that the upgrade in cell phones has become more and more advances, it also cause problems for many teenagers and adults as they seems to not be able to look away from the small screen. Nevertheless, not all things are bad if said. The creation of safety locks, locks on door, and alarms make it more safety as it helps provided security for people with home. Also, one thing that makes a huge difference is that there is more advantage of letting children have medical and vaccinated, not only for human but also for pets and animals. That being said, it affects not only making them safe but also on their health. Going on, social media is unlike it was in the past. In the past, many went out to meet people at social gatherings, or any other party. Now there is rarely any social meeting between each other as many can meet in the internet. Websites such as Facebook and others are becoming the whole screen of meeting new people even if one cannot know the fact if the other are real or not real. TV shows such as the…

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