The Russian Folktale Sirko, By Eric A. Kimmel

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Ukrainian Folktale Sirko is a Russian folktale which was written by Eric A. Kimmel in September 1,1997. The story ends with an indebted plot. I like this story because it teaches us one of the important character traits that is, “whenever someone helps you, be grateful to them and always try to return favors”.
Sirko Story Review:
The characters of the story are Sirko, his master, the master’s baby and wife, a wolf. The story is about a dog named Sirko whose master casts him out due to his old age and the fact that they think he is useless. But Sirko was always obedient to his master. So, this thought makes Sirko sad and meantime he meets a wolf who helps him get his home back by coming up with a genius plan. The wolf shows off
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Sirko is grateful for this and also helps the wolf. In the following story Sirko holds a protagonist characteristic. Protagonist character is a central character of a story. The antagonist is an opposite character of protagonist. It is usually a villain character. As the master kicked off Sirko from his house when Sirko become old, so he plays a protagonist character. I addition, foil character is a character which helps to develop the protagonist character. In this story the wolf helps Sirko coming back to his master’s house. The wolf develops the character Sirko. That’s why he is a foil character. The entire story focuses on Sirko. I found that they think, feel, speak and act in a believable way. The story ends with an indebted plot. The action is not enough suspenseful. The theme or the central idea, of the story is that, if anyone help you, you should grateful to him and try to repay this. The story has an unexpected ending that Sirko and the wolf good bye each other and never meet again. The author did not use any literary devices, such as metaphor, simile, or …show more content…
Also he tried to repay and helped the wolf by saving his life. Some parts of the story made me laugh and some parts of the story made me cry. there was a sad scene when Sirko’s master kicked out him because of his old age. It made me cry. There was a tense scene in the story when the wolf got drank and create trouble situation in the marriage ceremony. It was tense scene for me that how can Sirko solve the situation. And when the wolf got drank and wanted to sing a song, it was funny scene for me. It made me laugh. Those characters felt real to me. I wasn’t guessing the story but the story keeps me turning the

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