The Room Is Colorful : Mrs. Czeck 1st Grade Class Essay

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The room is colorful in Mrs. Czeck 1st grade class. The 23 students are all sitting on the rug in pretzel positon, facing the front of the room, where the teacher is standing. The students all have white boards in their laps and dry erase markers in their hands. Tracy, the teacher, is animated and talking with warmth and excitement in her voice. She is explaining the directions for the lesson on counting coins. The students eyes are all glued on the teacher as she moves about the room. The teacher keeps the students entertained as she educates them. When a few students goes off track she is able to redirect them back on track in seconds. Most of the student’s attention remain engrossed on the teacher as the lesson continues and remains actively involved in their learning. The only thing that changes is they spread more comfortable on the rug as the lesson goes on.
As I observed Tracy, I noticed she talked to her students in a tone that was full of energy. I asked her about this. She described it as something that happens naturally with her. She wants to create an environment where the students feel welcomed and happy in. When I was observing the classroom, I noticed most of the students participating, in the activity. I asked Mrs. Czeck what her strategy was, she said it was about having a strong classroom management. It is also about having the students know what the expectations are in the classroom. She explained, that you have the get the students involved in their…

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