The Roman Empire: The Failure Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman empire was certainly not a failure because the empire has done great things that have made a huge positive impact on the world. The Roman Empire has done great things in Religion especially with Christianity because they were on of the first followers of Christianity and they made improvements and changes to the religion that are still followed today by millions of people. The Roman Empire was also not a failure because of all the great things that they had done like improve architecture and make it better and more stronger. The last reason that makes me believe that the Roman Empire was not a failure was their government because their government was so good many great nations still follow their rules and way of governing up to this day. In this Essay I will Elaborate on what I mean and make you see why the empire was not failure.

As you know the Roman Empire was not failure because of their religion. The people of
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The Roman Empire was also a very big success because of the influence all over the world. The Roman Empire has done so many amazing things in Religion, Architecture, and in government as well. The Empire succeeded in Religion by creating a whole different branch of Christianity which is followed all over the world by many nations. The Roman Empire has succeeded throughout Architecture by making the architecture such as arches bigger and stronger that has been helpful to so many nations all over the world. The Roman Empire was also successful because of all that they had done by government. Government made the empire successful because the system that they used made the citizens happy and allowed the empire to grow because people enjoyed living there. I hope that you have learned that the Roman Empire was a huge success not a huge failure because of its great contributions and achievements made in government, religious and architectural

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