Advantages And Disadvantages Of Roman Army

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Strength and Weaknesses of the Roman Army The empire of Rome was an icon of power in its day. Rome had such an influence over the world that historians marvel over what this astounding power had accomplished. Most notably, Rome was well known for their armies. At the time, Rome had one of the most advanced and commanding armies in the known world. Rome’s armies had remarkable qualities like flexibility. The armies were very flexible in reforming how the units are made. Also, the common soldier was well equipped for battle with weapons and armor. Rome did not have the stereotype of just giving a man a sword and sending them off into battle. Another strength would be how well disciplined the soldiers were. Soldiers were well conditioned and ready to fight and die at the command of the empire. However, for having such an impressive army, Rome still had weaknesses that could be exploited. In terms of …show more content…
The fear came from its powerful army. This army was looked at like a goliath, un-killable and rightfully so. Roman armies had various strengths and few weaknesses. The strengths would always out weigh the weakness. Also, the weaknesses would tend to be solved and disappear over time. The reform of the army helped strengthen the lackluster cavalry units and the poor generals the Rome had was a minimal number compared to the many knowledgeable generals. Along side those weaknesses turned into strengths, Rome had out right strengths. The flexibility to reform and have marvelous organization for the armies helped show that Rome could be move through out the world and be feared. The discipline and loyalty to the Roman Empire was shown by soldiers that have an oath to Rome is something all empires wished that they could have. Rome was the powerhouse of its time. It is still talked about and discussed in the modern world. The armies of Rome were some the most feared men in the world and that is why Rome was

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