The Roman Empire And The Medieval World Essay

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The life as a Barbarian in the Medieval World had its ups and downs. There were the good and bad moments during the time period for both the Barbarians and the Roman Empire. The Barbarians treated the Roman Empire like enemies which lead to a war to take over the Roman Empire.
The Barbarian tribe came together and was known as uncivilized and evil group of people. The Barbarians were going after the Roman Empire. The man they wanted to destroy was, “The Ostrogoth Theodoric, king of Italy from 493 to 526, was the most civilized ruler among the barbarian invaders of the Empire.” King Theodoric had an empire that had great potential to keep Rome alive and strong. Rome was had its beauty with the size of 3.5 million square miles, the stone and brick architecture, aqueducts, and the Colosseums. The Roman Empire also had codified laws and made changes to ensure a great survival of the Empire. King Theodoric gave his people a city that they can enjoy and feel safe. He said, “If the people of Rome will beautify their City we will help them.” The King was always for his people and his Empire. Then here came the Barbarians who valued many things in life and made sure people knew who they were. The Barbarians valued marriage, adultery, strict laws, war, clothing, and training the youth. People think that tribes in Germany are free and appear differently than each other but the Barbarians were different. The Barbarians, “the same physical peculiarities throughout so vast a population.…

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