The Role Of Women 's Islam : Rules And Customs Essay

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Markayla Hale

October 24, 2016

Religion 12

The role of women in Islam: Rules and Customs

There are many rules and customs for women in Islam. For example, who the women marry what jobs they have and what they wear. Islam traditions and rules are very different from the United States. Before the nineteenth amendment, women in the Unites states weren’t too much different from the women in Islam, in regards to certain rights as well as stereotypes.

Women play a vital role in any society. In several cultures, a lady takes care of the family whereas the person works to support them. Not all girls take care of the family, as several have full time careers. Women’s education is inspired virtually every place, making it possible for girls to raise themselves. Education qualifies for higher career opportunities. In most societies, the role a lady chooses to require for herself is usually an alternative instead of a restriction. In Muslim societies, however, girls appear to be forced into bound roles and responsibilities. These restrictions typically appear to boost a man’s “standing” and importance in society whereas degrading a woman “standing”. These roles and responsibilities push girls down, and make an uncomfortable normal of living between the sexes.

In pre-Islamic society, girls were typically thought-about the property of their men. Men would management the women’s actions, typically dictating…

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