The Role Of Women During Latin America Essay

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The role of women in Latin America’s history, is a significant piece to the puzzle of history, that cannot be ignored or understated. Despite the limits placed on them by our traditional social mores, women in Latin America were still determined to influence and add to the history of Latin America. Firstly, they have to prove that their role in the society is not primarily a “housewife” or “subordinate,” but they can also be intellectually and politically informed as the men. In other for the women to break the boundaries set by the society, the began to fight for their fundamental right which has been denied to them since beginning of time; the right to vote or suffrage. In Latin America, Argentina arguably the giant and among the forerunners of civilization in this region. However, one will wonder why they were not the first to adopt suffrage and give women the full rights as citizens. This research will discuss the reason why suffrage took so long acknowledged, the prominent women that fought for suffrage, and the regime that made suffrage a dream come true in Argentina starting from 1900-1947.
The main reason why suffrage was a long struggle for Argentine women, is the controversial notion “natural role of women,” which all women are seen as inferior, thus has place the society other than her home which she is a subordinate. The Argentines during this time period, believed that motherhood is the highest calling for women, and they are not as intellectually gifted as the…

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