Gender Discrimination In Latin America

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Similar to Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz when she claims she would dress as a boy to attend the university. You see here that it is necessary for girls to find ways to alternate gender to be accepted. Ruth, owner of Illusion salon was kidnapped by traffickers as rumor tells in the story. Ruth would not be the only to be kidnapped by traffickers in the village. Paula, one of Ladydi’s friends in the village is describe as the most beautiful thing in all of Mexico by Clements. She to also is captured by traffickers during an invasion. Lastly there is a character that we are introduced to named Aurora that claims she was also captured by the same people as Paula. Aurora connects Ladydi’s world to the prisoners. Aurora was also captured by McClane where …show more content…
This can be seen through sexual abuse, unfair treatment in the workplace, domestic violence, and political suppression. Discrimination against women stems from gender roles or also referred to as cultural norms, that come from the colonial period. These norms have placed women in a non-dominant role. Men have dominated Latin America as a result gaining a majority of power throughout. As women began to become educated and penetrate the work world a patriarchal society began shunning female advancements in studies and starting forcing gender roles on them heavier than before. Women were seen as domestic figures who should be a housewife and or nanny and nothing more. Curriculum’s in school implemented domestic practices in their studies to prepare girls to be housewives and nannies. Not allowing female advancement in education took away from their place in politics and labor. As women have become more educated and started to break newly formed gender roles participation in politics has increased, and so has female political power in Latin America. Even though progress is being made in political power, femicide is still a problem that heavily affects women in Latin America and has not slowed down. Female organizations that fight femicide have been on a rise ever since the start of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, and as women continue to gain political power maybe changes will be made that will equal out women’s rights in Latin

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