Causes Of Gender Discrimination

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Causes of Gender Discrimination:
There is no country where women and men give equal right. There are many causes of gender discrimination. Here are a few of the most pervasive.
1. Religion: One of the main causes of gender discrimination against women is religion. Because many religion place women below men and create a male dominated society. All religious traditions create many restrictions to women. Not only restriction, there are many harmful practices that create by tradition and culture such as preference for son, no education for girl, force and early marriage of girl child, etc.
2. Law: The law often enforce discrimination. One of the examples is family law, which force arranges marriage leads to gender discrimination of women against
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So, due to this difference in education women hold lower position than men in the society. It leads to residual effects of favouritism towards men and unfair treatment of women in all areas such as workplace, athletics, academics, etc.
6. Poverty: Poverty is the root causes of discrimination. It is because of poverty that the family ignored girls for education. If they can effort only one then they preferred their son. Thus, girls are force out of education and land her into odd jobs. It is because of poverty also that parents are abandoned girl child since they cannot afford societal norms. Poverty also leads to many crimes such as kidnapping, selling and buying of girls for prostitution or other purpose.
As a result of all the above mentioned factors, women, either in a family or in a society, faces severe consequences. She is force to work for earning for the family. She also faced discrimination in household as well as in the workplace. And due to lack of medical facilities women often become a victim of many health problems. Not only has this she has also become victim of sexual abuse, exploitation and force prostitution. All these discrimination make women become more and more submissive in nature. Gradually she does not able to think about her rights.
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Gender equality: Violence against women is caused by gender inequality including unequal power relations between women and men, rigid gender roles, rule and hierarchies, and assigning women lower status in society. And all these differences are due to the imparting of a feeling of superiority among the boys and suppression among the girls. Promote gender equality is the central to the elimination of violence against women. Government should implement initiatives that promote gender equality. And this must deal openly and dynamically with the issue of partners’ violence, because women will never be equal in their public lives until they are equal at

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