The Role Of The Women Essay

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The role of the women in healthcare has evolved considerably from antiquity to modernity. Whether women earned the title of nurse, doctor, caregiver or obeah women, their place in history is one of influence and silent courage. Women have been perceived as being in the shadow, or in positions of low standing in relation to that of men. They are spoken of as being the “weaker” and more docile of the sexes; yet have still managed to operate in positions of power and influence. In the struggle for a place in science and medicine, men have always proved to be more triumphant candidates. This shows that gender influenced one’s ability to participate in science, and determined what opportunities could be gained. (Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English 1973) To the disadvantage of females, barriers have been erected on both conscious and subconscious levels; to diminish their contributions and role in science and medicine. These barriers can be considered political, economic, educational, gender and class related.
In times, past (what time period are you referring too?), male physicians were described, as having possessed what was known as “superior scientific technologies”reference?. Their knowledge and educational background in science, made women appear as insubordinate for trying to undermine their views in medicine. Women were denied the privilege of attending universities and medical schools. They were exposed to science on a very basic level; as it was perceived that…

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