Elizabeth Blackwell Essay

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It is an extraordinary gift that one individual can change the course of history. Elizabeth Blackwell was a prime example of such an individual. In the 1840’s when she first pondered pursing a medical career, it was unheard of to have a female doctor, but Elizabeth Blackwell changed all that. To have an ambitious goal and pursue with the idea was revolutionary back then. In addition, she remained steadfast on increasing awareness for all women and their own rights. She was diligent in the pursuit of becoming the first women to obtain a medical degree. The dedication and research of Elizabeth Blackwell proved not only what an asset she was to the medical field, but also in being an activist on the topic of women 's rights.
Blackwell was initially
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"She wanted the opportunity to care for the ill-to be a doctor." (Boyd 73) She was looking to improve the patients’ lives and not in it for her financial benefit. From this, patients began to realize a woman is just as capable as a man at providing healthcare. Her ability to treat patients with quality care was unexpected by many. Her journey’s throughout the medical field was not limited to one medical facility. She was instrumental in establishing the London School of Medicine for Women, which was one of the first educational institutions specifically designed to educate female physicians. She was not only interested in her career path, but also focused on creating opportunities for other women to follow in her footsteps. Blackwell’s actions provided patients with outstanding care and treatment as she cared for them to her fullest. Blackwell not only focused on her medical career, she dedicated her time to being a women’s activist. She held lectures and argued the rights women should be getting. Her speeches diligently focused on how both genders should be equal. No matter how much hate surrounded her and the backlash she faced, there was no way she was going to back down from her stance in the idea. Her activism increased the amount of people to notice and take ideas from her. The life of this individual shows how one idea and one person could result into an everlasting

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