The Role Of Television Show On A Young Person 's Life Essay

723 Words May 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
Popular shows on television networks such as “MTV” can have a great impact on a young person’s life. Displaying the “Real Life” situations such as the every growing popular show “16 and Pregnant”. This show documenting your women’s lives as they come to a close on their unexpected pregnancies and the delivery of their new lives. Making teen pregnancy look glamorous and fun. Putting a mask on the real issue. The purpose of the television show was to prevent teen pregnancy, further more, painting a perfect picture of how little the lives of these young girls have changed. However, making teen pregnancy look fun/easy, glamorous and not life changing is nothing but deceiving. “Mom I’m pregnant!” are the worst words that should make any mother happy—when the time is right—to hear their daughter(s) say. These are the worst words that any parent wants to hear from the little girl, whom is between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Seeing the shows on television; for example, “16 and Pregnant”, have made being a teen mother look fun and easy. These young girls want a—live—baby doll to play with and dress up. According to the New York Times, “shows like “16 and Pregnant” might have influenced teenagers’ behavior”. Showing these young people that teen pregnancy looks easy is the wrong answer. Television is showing them that they can have it all while being a teen parent. Focusing on more of the “reality” of being a teen parent instead of the proper way to prevent teen pregnancy.…

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