Essay on The Role Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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Human resource management is changing their role in principles of management. Human resource manager act as a strategic partner by reviewing the organization 's competencies, reward system, governance, and learning and leadership structures. A strategic approach is by recognizing the importance of human capital and focusing on outcomes. The concept of strategic human resource management (SHRM) is fitting all the key elements together in order to focus on how an employee will contribute to organization 's success. Thus, a recruitment of personnel, the training and development and performance appraisal are the key elements that a human resource management evaluate and strategically executing them together. A summary of each key elements and how each element come as a whole makes up the concept of a strategic human resource management also known as SHRM.

The recruiting of personnel is choosing a candidate who will be the most successful and make the most valuable contributions to the organization which is determine during an interview process. The interview process is based on job related criteria (job design) comparing with a candidate 's knowledge, skills, and ability in order to arbitrate the most qualified person for the job. Therefore, by effectively analyzing a candidate 's general mental ability will indicate his/her overall job performance. How is the recruitment function related to the selection function? The recruiting function is vital to the selection of a…

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