Strategic Talent Management Essay

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Strategic talent management is essentially the implementation of some integrated strategies or systems that are designed to increase the productivity of the workplace by ensuring that processes are overall improved in order to ensure proper attraction, developing, retaining and utilizing of people with the required skills and aptitude are effectively controlled, so that they can meet the current and future business needs;
Talent management is defined as an integrated set of HR practices or functions, such as recruitment, selection, development and performance appraisal aimed at increasing the capacity of organization (SHRM, 2006; Fegley 2006; Mercer 2005);
Talent management primarily focuses on:
• Selection of people or talents whereby it is not the selection of good quality skilled people but the search for the appropriate skill for the longevity of the company strategy,
• Job positions to which the particular job positions are to be placed,
Motivation of talents in the organisation so that they company performance increases,
• Development of the company to achieve good business growth by developing the talent of the existing skilled personnel,
• Employee
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K&H Bank utilised a talent management strategy whereby the bank through a proper selection of employees found talented staff that could fulfil the requirements of the banking sector and at the same time ensure customer satisfaction was maintained. The selection of talented manpower was achieved by including several programmes that were part of the strategic management process within the Human resource department. Some of the methods used to recruit the talent

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