The Role of Personal Values in an Advanced Perspective of Total Quality Management

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Author: Salvatore Moccia Universidad de Valencia
Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the relation between personal values and the principles of Total Quality Management and thus to propose a tentative framework of relationships. Design/methodology/approach: The paper is conceptual. It reviews some lists of values present in literature, and summarizes them in a more comprehensive list. Then it follows the definitions of these values according to some philosophical models, and the analysis of their implications in the business life in general. Thus, tries to explain the relation between them and the principles of TQM, passing through
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Introduction and purpose Professor Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize for Economy, during a speech delivered at the University of Valencia expressed the following idea about moral codes (1995): “Moral codes have always been part of the economic mechanism and they are part of the social resources of a community. The modern economy has given up this part of the economic system. There are good reasons to try to change this neglected topic and start reintroducing into the principal stream of economic science this crucial part of economic activity. Eventually, there is still a lot to be done” It is difficult to find a quotation that better illustrates the importance of reintroducing morality into economic analysis. Kaplow and Shavell (2007) noted that “the influence of morality on behavior has been a long-standing theme of the analysis of human conduct”, and emphasized that “recent economic literature on social norms and behavioral economics, …, recognizes that individuals’ actions are not always narrowly self-interested and may reflect moral concerns”. Fuqua and Newman (2006) underlined that: “the highly publicized evidence of corporate scandals and fraud has illuminated the risks of operating a business without substantial emphasis on ethical matters”, and reported that a Yahoo search for “business ethics” generated in 2004

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