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1577 Words Oct 14th, 2013 7 Pages Learning is a necessary process for achieving business objectives an essential to improving organisational performance. It fills in the gap between the organisations currant capability and that needed to deliver the business results. From an individual point of view, it enables people to add to their stock of personal competences and develop their full potential.
First you need to identify the individuals training needs, if this is not done the training will be a waste of time as they may already be
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Both sides will make closing statements and then the judge will sum up the case. A jury can get help from the judge on areas of law that they are not sure about, but they cannot be influenced by the judge. A jury cannot be told that they have to give a guilty verdict, they don’t have to give a reason.
The jury members represent a cross-section of society and all jurors are asked to take an unbiased approach to the case. This means remaining open-minded, using common sense and applying their own life experiences so that a fair trial can take place.

When you turn 18 and first vote you get put onto the electoral list. You will be summoned to court when you are needed they will inform you through post usually a month before. 15 individuals will be chosen to go in to court, they will be asked certain questions. After all of this only 12 will be chosen and three will be put on reserve. If you decide that you never want to vote then you wont be put on the electoral list - you can also take your name of. Some people will never chosen and some can be chosen three times or so. To be on the jury you don’t need any qualifications so it doesn’t matter what job you have you can be chosen no matter what.

You will never be picked for jury duty if you are either blind or death - if your blind you wont be able to examine the individual on trial to see if they look

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