Health Care System: The Healthcare System In France

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The healthcare systems are introduced to encounter the healthcare necessities of target populations. In some countries the health care systems have grown and have not been planned, whereas in other countries concentrated struggles have been made by governments, trade unions, donations, religious, or other corresponding figures to distribute scheduled health care to the targeted populations. Every health care system is composed of two broad sections: one focused on strategy and organization and the other is the definite medical and or clinical care. According to the World Health Organization rankings, France ranks first and the United Kingdom ranks eighteenth amongst a hundred and ninety different countries.
The French love their health care
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All together this covers more than three quarters of all health care spending. This insurance covers a lot in inpatient and outpatient care, specialists, dentists, midwifes, diagnostics testing services, prescription drugs, medical devices, mental health and even related transportation. Furthermore, the NHI covers somewhere between 70-80 % of cost leaving the remaining amount in individual’s hands but there is also voluntary health insurance provided by private insurance company and the government for those who are poor. This insurance covers many of the costs more than 90% of France has voluntary health insurance mostly through their jobs. In the United Kingdom Public expenditures covers more than 80 percent of all health care spending about three quarters of that comes from general taxes and most of the rest are from payroll taxes, over the counter drugs and other medical products accounts for another 10 percent of spending, the rest is private hospital care for elective procedures. A lot of this however, is covered by voluntary health insurance. Most of it is part of an employed based health insurance benefit system. So basically about 10 to 11 percent of the population has private supplemental insurance. Two private insures cover about two thirds of all …show more content…
But those referrals aren’t just specific facilities and physicians, they are just permission to choose what they want. Most people in France pay very little themselves for their health care. After insurance comes in doctors visits can cost $1.07 or less. A hospital takes run as little as $19.34 a day. Prescription drugs are 0.54 American dollars all of these together are kept at 50 euros a year. An interesting aspect of the system is that the co-pays are regulated by the sickness. People who have chronic conditions have all their co-pays waived in other words people who use the most care in general pay the least. France also allows pretty impressive access for instance it guarantees the cancer patients can get any drug they want even expensive or experimental ones. As I said the French love their health system, in international surveys it always beats every other health care system in terms of satisfaction, and quality. In almost every international comparison no matter what methodology you use France comes out near the top if not in first place. Finally the NHS in the United Kingdom pays for the long-term care although less today than it used to. Those who make less than $2495.15 are entitled to free state-funded residential care. Most residential care is paid for by the private sector. End of life palliative care however is provided by the

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