The Role Of Effective Pedagogy Statement From New Zealand Curriculum

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Part A:
The two aspects of the effective pedagogy statement from the New Zealand Curriculum (Ministry of Education, 2007) that I will focus on are creating a supportive learning environment and making connections to prior learning and experience. These are two aspects that resonate with me and I consider them to be significant factors in effective teaching practices.

Creating a supportive learning environment is important for a teacher to consider because it sets the foundation of the classroom, both physically and emotionally, between all members of the classroom community. For a teacher to be effective positive relationships need to be developed, not just with the students, but also with the wider school community, such as parents so that the teacher can understand each student (Ministry of Education, 2007). Once these relationships have been established a teacher can create a learning environment that is inclusive, non-discriminatory and cohesive (Ministry of Education, 2007). As a teacher in training I will need to consider the factors that contribute to a supportive learning environment and develop this as best I can to create strong chemistry in the classroom and maximise the student’s learning and potential. I believe that this aspect of effective pedagogy is particularly important because it establishes the foundation of the classroom and enables other aspects of effective pedagogy to be used.

Making connections to prior learning and experience is another aspect…

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