Education Reflection: Goals Of Multicultural Education

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Reflection: Goals of Multicultural Education
Teachers use a wide variety of methods to ensure they are providing quality education for all students, but they are presented with challenges every day. Diversity, difficulty, disability, dichotomy and differences are some of the few. Planning for student achievement is an important mission that needs constant revision and adjustment. Learning, nor teaching is easy in today’s society. We are a multicultural country, with families coming into our nation from all corners of the world. Some parents have become aware of these differences in culture and slowly they begin to question the education that is being offered in our schools. With all of these challenges and needs in our schools today, how can a teacher truly become a successful educator in a multicultural society?
Some people believe the United States is a mono-cultural country. The truth is many cultures have been existing and arriving since the early days of our history. Ethnic groups live together in our land, sharing their music, food and language, just to name a few. Families are more diverse than ever before and with this society has become more reflective about racial differences, social class, disabilities, sexual preference, religion, culture, linguistics and education. To illustrate how these concerns have extended to our schools, I
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Not everyone has the money and not everyone is smart or likes school”. To truly become a successful educator in a multicultural society we must have the belief that all children can learn regardless of race, disability, culture, or place of origin. There are many goals of multicultural education but then main one is acceptance. If we don’t believe this then we cannot teach it. There is no doubt that schools are faced with many challenges but there are far more possibilities than obstacles. Viewing students as assets to one another completes a picture to a better

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