The Role Of Architecture During The Renaissance Era Essay

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Architecture remains a significant topic still to this day when discussing historical shifts of time periods. This is especially present during the artistic shift from the Medieval period to the Renaissance, where reappearing ideas become present in a different way. New forms of architecture to this day is consider one of the most important achievement that formed during the Renaissance era. the form of architecture used during the time mainly originating from mainly Greek and Roman times and styles. During the Renaissance time period, numerous architects such as Bartolommeo Bandinelli were known for the design of dome creations used mainly in cathedrals in Florence, these design were now larger and more extravagant than ever previously created before. The exterior elements of the dome during the Renaissance architecture period were impressive to many by themselves, the interior elements were unique as well. The acoustics inside of the dome were a major focus as well as the structure itself. The acoustics of multiple cathedrals in Italy were designed to enhance the hearing for the type of music that was performed at this time. The Renaissance introduced the use of “polyphony”, which is a multilayered faster type of music. Renaissance architecture and the acoustics were considered to be a similar connection when going through the process of creating cathedrals. Symmetry was also a major factor when creating cathedrals. Unlike most modern churches, Renaissance churches…

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