The Role Of A Nurse Practitioner For Acute Care Essay

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The Role Of a Nurse Practitioner In Acute Care

Seynor Massalee Kennedy

South University

The Role Of a Nurse Practitioner In Acute Care

There are several recognized advanced practice nursing roles in many countries with requirements of a graduate education with a specified focus. These roles includes: Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist(CNS), The purpose of this paper is to write an empirically based literature review on research and expert opinion on the role of an acute care nurse practitioner and the implementation of this role in unfamiliar primary health care setting. In an acute setting,

Nurse practitioners (NPs) main focus is direct patient care which comprises of delivering to patients and their families medical and nursing care. Reducing pain among terminally ill persons is a nursing phenomenon of great importance. In this evidence based paper, terminally ill refers to patients with cancer that have six months or less to live and patients that are in hospice or undergoing palliative care. Pain, weakness, decreased intake of food and fluid, and altered breathing patterns are some physical symptoms often experienced by the terminally ill (Leow, Drury & Poon, 2010). Treating pain in the terminally ill is very important and challenging for nurses. Therefore, it is important for nurses to use both pharmacologic and nonpharmacological methods to reduce patient pain. Music therapy is one specific non pharmacological…

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