Critical Care Outcomes And Nurse Work Environment Essay

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Critical Care Outcomes and Nurse Work Environment: An Article Critique
Meghan B. den Hartog
Missouri State University

Critical Care Outcomes and Nurse Work Environment: An Article Critique
“The Critical Care Work Environment and Nurse-Reported Health Care-Associated Infections” is an article on a retrospective, cross-sectional study. The four authors associated with this article are highly credentialed and work in either a critical care or educational setting or both. The study herein addresses a possible relationship between nurse-perceived critical care work environment and the nurse-perceived incidence of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).
Critique of the Introduction
The introduction of the article is concise and clearly states pertinent information. At twelve words, the article title is appropriate in length and states the study’s key components. The abstract is direct and representative of the entire topic; however, it is troublesome in relation to its stated conclusion that “healthcare-associated infections are less likely in favorable critical care work environments” (Kelly, Kutney-Lee, Lake, & Aiken, 2013, p. 482). This may be misleading. The limitations of this study are extensive and include a statement by the authors that the variables cannot be correlated causally (Kelly et al., 2013). This combined with a somewhat boastful reference to sample size in the abstract clouds credibility and denotes a sense of bias and…

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