The Rights System For Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients

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California adopts the “Right-to-die” law on Monday October 5, 2015 allowing the health

care system to assist suicide for terminally ill patients by providing a prescription of lethal drug

that will make possible for them to die quickly. This drug will be provide to all those who refuse

to be treating and prefer to die, instead of suffering cause of the disease. This law had been

approving only in four countries including Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, and United

Stated. In United stated, only four states had affective this law. Implicating, Oregon,

Washington, Vermont, new Mexico and now California is becoming to be the fifth state. Jerry

Brown, who has served as the 39th Governor of California since 2011, and is part of the

Democratic Party, has signed this bill. This new law is becoming really controversial because is

causing a lot of conflict since many religions are against, and others are arguing that this law

won’t be beneficial for the population.

There are many religions that do not agree with this law. Especially, The Catholic Church

because they argue the people who are going to be involve in giving the drug to patient to help

them stop suffering, they will be committing suicides, which according to them is a grave sin,

and against of God will. They support what they believe by basing in verses from the bible. For

instance, in geneses 2:7 is stated that life is a sacred gift from God, and in Exodus 20:13 is

specified that, “we…

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