Essay about The Resurrection Of Jesus And Osiris

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The Resurrection

The mythology of resurrection can be intriguing. Humans, for centuries, have tried to find hope and security in powers out of our control. The idea of pleasing and gaining relations with the mysterious powers that control the world around us has evolved over generations due to it being a natural instinct that we find the meaning to life. Despite the fact that many of these religious stories are similar, most were created at different times. Many of us emerge a belief in a life after death, thus creating the idea of a resurrection. When many of us think of religion, we immediately think of the story of Jesus, son of God. How many of us think about other religious figures, such as Osiris?
Resurrection is one of the few things that Jesus and Osiris have in common. Starting from birth, Jesus’ and Osiris’ coming was announced by three significant possessions. The Christian faith suggests that Jesus was announced by three wise men named Gaspar, Balthasar and Melchior. The Egyptian faith of Osiris’ suggests that Osiris’ was announced by three stars named Anilam, Alnitik, and Mintaka, according to Dr. John Griffiths in The Origins of Osiris and His Cults. During their birth, Jesus and Osiris both had a star of significance. The star in the east helped guide Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ parents, to shelter to give birth to him. Egyptian culture was common to say that great kings, leaders, and gods were born under a bright star. Subsequent on in their lives, Jesus and…

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